Drill Hall / Johannesburg


The Drill Hall is managed by the Joubert Park Project. The Joubert Park Project (JPP) is a non-profit collective of cultural practitioners whose focus is the extraordinary, contradictory and legendary inner city of Johannesburg. The project started in 2000 as a series of workshops with freelance photographers working in Joubert Park, and with youth groups from the area. The workshops were geared towards developing creative, technical, leadership and life skills. The JPP operated from the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) in Joubert Park until 2004, working on various public projects such as the CICI, a poverty alleviation and youth development initiative in the neighbouring Hillbrow. In 2004, the JPP moved to the historical Drill Hall in the same area and was formalised as a non-profit trust. Since then JPPís work has focused on activating this extraordinary heritage site as a - a public laboratory where history becomes a part of lived experience; - a platform for creative, critical and cross-cultural exchanges and encounters; - a point of presentation, engagement and articulation of inner city cultures; - a space to develop diverse arts and culture audiences.


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